Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Turnout For Media Message

Over 50 participants attended the program meeting Wednesday (the 17th) to listen to a panel discussion featuring our regional newspaper, tv and radio businesses. The media panel questions that were presented helped us look at ways for nonprofits to work better with the media. The panel featured:

Their bios are available here. Our panelists gave input on topics such as: ways to get more media coverage; media resources for nonprofits; perceived influence of paid advertising on coverage; and editorials and opinion pieces. They emphasized the value their media businesses see in our organizations. We help generate news, provide expertise and input about news stories and issues, and provide activities and events for everyday readers, viewers and listeners. Whether it is the individual nonprofit or a collaboration like the Leatherstocking AEA, our media look to us for assistance and support in their jobs. This program provided a connecting point for the media to meet the various nonprofit organizations in our community. Most importantly, this program helped illustrate the strength of our nonprofit community. As you contemplate the information you heard at the program (or linked here), what is a next step? Do we start a pr campaign about our organizations? Do we focus on building collaborations and joint advertising? What are your ideas? Let us know what you think.

Missed the Program and want to revisit the discussion? Check out the mp3 and video clips:
Listen to the recording of the program

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Ricardo Sierra said...

I was present at this program and found it to be useful up to a point. I loved the emphasis and encouragement to build relationships with the media, which sometimes I have felt like I am just bother the staff with our press releases, etc, and so those comments were helpful.

I also would love to have heard more through specific examples of non-profit/media collaborations that have been successful in varying ways, but these are hard to get to in a panel setting sometimes, with the time constraints present for all.

Overall, it was a good program that should move us incrementally closer to a stronger presence in the media and community as we learn and grow.

Ricardo Sierra
Hawk Circle Wilderness Education