Friday, September 26, 2008

In Action: Harnessing the Media

Moms seek to create kids’ museum was the headline in The Daily Star today. This group of moms, known as Oneonta World of Learning or OWL, were recent attendees at the Leatherstocking AEA's media program. This grassroots group has hit the streets running. Interested in more info, take a look at their blog.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Program Brainstorming

Here is a program meeting idea I received from Ricardo Sierra at Hawk Circle that I'm posting for consideration:

Hey, here is an idea for the program in December: What if we got the group together in a large room, or breakout rooms, and divided the groups into Needs. Some Directors who have some expertise in certain areas, could be part of a panel, to give help, advice, support or encouragement to others. Then, they could be part of a discussion group to help in their particular area of need or support. Maybe we could see if we could start as a large group in the morning, then break out into the smaller groups based on needs, then have lunch and then switch again, choosing other groups, with a final ending and dessert or whatever.

The other thought I would throw out there is some professional development on a personal level for directors, such as 'Are you creating your own roadblocks to success?' type of program. Have you read the whole 'Leadership and Self Deception' series? I took a course from them after reading the books and listening to the tapes, and really got a lot out of their work at the Arbinger Institute, and I got a tremendous amount out of it..... That could be a great way to offer something more personal around the holidays, etc....Anyway, it would be great to keep the ideas flowing, so we will see what feels right, and it will all work out!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What's Next? Fresh Ideas & Stronger Relationships

Participants in Wednesday’s Leatherstocking AEA panel reinforced some basics about communications between nonprofits and the media while also providing encouragement and bringing up new questions. Check out the post below in order to view video clips and listen to the program online.
All of the panelists began by emphasizing the importance of establishing relationships with appropriate contacts and being knowledgeable about the process of getting in print/on air. Calvin Stovall of The Press & Sun Bulletin told those in attendance that, although “there is an art to doing this,” persistence will lead to experience and success.

Familiarity with the organization—both your own nonprofit as well as the media outlet you’re targeting—is key. The panelists stressed the importance of doing your homework before contacting a media outlet; know the organization, their objectives, and their target demographic. It’s also important to have someone available to communicate effectively with media contacts on your organization’s behalf.

So what’s next? How has your organization been working to develop relationships with local media? Did the panel spark any new ideas about utilizing the media to increase the visibility of your organization?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Big Turnout For Media Message

Over 50 participants attended the program meeting Wednesday (the 17th) to listen to a panel discussion featuring our regional newspaper, tv and radio businesses. The media panel questions that were presented helped us look at ways for nonprofits to work better with the media. The panel featured:

Their bios are available here. Our panelists gave input on topics such as: ways to get more media coverage; media resources for nonprofits; perceived influence of paid advertising on coverage; and editorials and opinion pieces. They emphasized the value their media businesses see in our organizations. We help generate news, provide expertise and input about news stories and issues, and provide activities and events for everyday readers, viewers and listeners. Whether it is the individual nonprofit or a collaboration like the Leatherstocking AEA, our media look to us for assistance and support in their jobs. This program provided a connecting point for the media to meet the various nonprofit organizations in our community. Most importantly, this program helped illustrate the strength of our nonprofit community. As you contemplate the information you heard at the program (or linked here), what is a next step? Do we start a pr campaign about our organizations? Do we focus on building collaborations and joint advertising? What are your ideas? Let us know what you think.

Missed the Program and want to revisit the discussion? Check out the mp3 and video clips:
Listen to the recording of the program

Monday, September 15, 2008

Nonprofits & Crowdsourcing

Check out this MSNBC article to read more about the different ways nonprofits are harnessing social media to spread their message, organize, fundraise, and increase the sense of involvement and participation among their supporters. Crowdsourcing describes the way individuals and organizations are utilizing online social media to invite mass collaboration. As Joe Rospars, Barack Obama’s media expert, points out, “fundraising now flows from engagement — it’s no longer enough to simply believe in the cause. Now it’s critical for people to participate in a cause, and feel like they've had some input, before they decide to help it pay for stuff.