Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Web 2.0 is Everywhere

I just returned from the American Association of Museums (AAM) Annual Conference in Denver. CCSNYS was presenting on our Museum Board Empowerment Program, which is a three year-old governance program supported by the New York State Council on the Arts. Governance is a growing topic at AAM, but it will come as no surprise that web 2.0 was the really hot topic. Museums are using web 2.0 to increase their outreach, start new conversations, and engage their audience in new ways. AAM even added a blog for their Annual Meeting this year. Check it out here. From video to Facebook applications, museums are using social networking to facilitate new approaches to their collections and exhibitions. Museums, like any nonprofit, are trying to do more with limited resources. They are having tremendous success with web 2.0. Visit this blog,, to read more about web 2.0 in museums.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Social media works wonders for nonprofits

Read a recent article about nonprofits and their use of social media. The article explores recent studies and trends about the importance of social media for nonprofit and their fundraising strategies. Read more here.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You. Online.

Just wanted to thank everyone that came out to the National Soccer Hall of Fame today for the Web 2.0 Workshop. Just remember, all of this stuff is not for everyone (organization). First, think of the Mission, then Prioritize, then Plan. We talked about a little today. Think about what energy and enthusiasm some well timed, fun, engaging, emotional, (insert power word here) photos would have on your next event, program, fundraiser, annual meeting, etc.

P.S. Here is that information regarding blog policies from the Nonprofit Risk Management Center that we discussed earlier today.

Live at the Soccer Hall of Fame!

The Leatherstocking AEA is happy to be at the National Soccer Hall of Fame today. A spacious building featuring a bursting soccer ball is our catalyst for a conversation about a new frontier on the Internet, Web 2.0 (cue dramatic music). What is Web 2.0? Well, if you missed the program today, presented by Valerie Venezia (CCSNYS Web 2.0 Guru and Social Media Officer), there will be a mp3 available shortly for your listening pleasure!

But, really, what is this all about? It is all about the Wonderful Wizard of Oz. That thing or mystical being behind the curtain, which may be a scary, unknown quantity or monster, really is your greatest opportunity. Web 2.0 offers you endless marketing and networking possibilities. Share your information immediately online and get your cause heard. Web 2.0 offers you fundraising opportunities. Raise dollars through your social networks on Facebook or in the virtual world on 2nd Life (Point of Interest: Fenimore Art Museum has launched a virtual exhibit on 2nd Life that mirrors their opening exhibit, Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses: The Synagogue to the Carousel).

Are you interested yet? How about our conversation right now about blogging and all the ins and outs involved? Blogging offers positives...and negatives...especially in terms of what your staff could be saying. Our conversation just focused on the debate of controlling employee opinions. Is this possible? What organizational blogs? What happens if you receive negative feedback? Join in here and share your opinion and ideas.

Now that you've had a peak behind the curtain, how do you make sense of it all? There is a lot going on here. Start simple. One first step is to use RSS feeds, which can be a good friend to you. Are you tired of visiting CNN or MSNBC online to see what the news is? Subscribe to their RSS feed. You will receive an alert or e-mail anytime a news story is posted. Scan over them at your convenience.

Another first step is set up a Google account. Use Google apps to do daily searches on your nonprofit, which will be e-mailed to you. Set up a Google calendar that you and your staff can share and update together. There are many more apps to explore, so check them out!

How about setting up a blog? It is easy to do. For example, use Blogger to set up a blog just like this one I'm posting to now. Blogs can be great tools and allow to put your ideas and info on World Wide Web immediately.

I'm going to end with social bookmarking, which is one of my favorite ideas. Check out and set up your own account! This tool lets you tag and save your favorite websites, making them easy to access and remember why you saved it to begin with. And there is more. Take a look at other users and their networks.

It is a whole new world, a Web 2.0 world. Thank you Valerie for pulling the curtain back and bringing the Wizard to all of us today!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Food For Thought 2.0

"The organization that provides the greatest access to information, organized in a way that allows it to be displayed and used in ways that are meaningful to the individual user, will be able to get the greatest amount of attention."
-Marnie Webb, Compumentor

I'm having thoughts about the Web 2.0 discussion tomorrow and want to put out this caveat. All of this means nothing without an impact on your mission. Just don't forget, efficiency, too, can mean impact.

Looking forward to the discussion.