Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keep Going, Your Hard Work is Paying Off!

Good News to Report, Thanks to You  
You Made the Difference! 

Last Tuesday, NYCON met with the offices of Assemblymember James Brennan and Senator Michael Ranzenhofer , bill sponsors for the Nonprofit Revitalization Act, to further discuss the need to delay the effective date of the Act.

We're pleased to inform members that both Brennan and Ranzenhofer's offices understand our perspective and are now working with NYCON and our members to delay the Nonprofit Revitalization Act's effective date. This is great news- but we still have work to do!

NYCON is working with both offices in drafting a bill to amend the Act to ensure that nonprofits in New York State have the appropriate amount of time needed to comply. After the bill is placed into session,  we will be asking members to send letters and contact legislators to support the bill, we hope to have your support in the coming weeks!
NYCON wouldn't have been able to take this step without the tremendous assistance from our members communicating to their offices and own local elected officials, signing our petition, and providing us their testimonies - so this first (huge) step is thanks to you.

You can still help now - and it's easy. If you haven't already please sign this petition and consider forwarding it to your nonprofit colleagues via email and your social media network. We need more nonprofit voices at the table.

Thank you for your continued support!

If you have any questions about this or any other public policy issue, please feel free to our  Program and Policy Associate, Amber Vanderwarker.
57 Days Left Until the Effective Date!

Sign Our Petition 
We're now at 150 signatures on our petition!  We know there are still many more out there who have not yet, so please join our efforts by signing our petition.

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