Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Upcoming Webinars & Events

Budgeting Process Best Practices for the Small Nonprofit [Lunch & Learn Webinar] 
Presented by Michelle Jarvais, CFO and Elizabeth Mathews, Sr. Accountant, NYCON
February 21st, 2014    11:00am to 12:30pm EST
Free for NYCON Members Only; $50 for Non-Members
A good budgeting process engages everyone who is responsible for that budget and implementing its priorities. Even in a small nonprofit this process can get complicated. As budgeting decisions are, of course, driven both by mission and by financial need, both fiscal; and senior program staff participation is a necessity. The process should include enough time for review of the strategic priorities and goals of the organization and also allow for review, feedback, revisions, etc. Managing this process is a serious responsibility across different "teams" within your organization - or for a small nonprofit - may include everyone on staff!  Then - once a budget is in place - how do you manage this "living, breathing" document? Because as we all know, things change frequently in the world of a nonprofit. Participants in this workshop will learn practical tips to start, manage and stay on task during this critical process and throughout the year.

"Get to Know Us": NYCON Membership Benefits Orientation [Webinar] 
Presented by Valerie Venezia,
VP of Membership & Marketing, NYCON 
February 21st 10:00am - 11:00am 
Free & Open to All  Register Today 

Happy New Year from NYCONIn our "Get to Know Us" Sessions, NYCON staff will tell you a lot more about our membership benefits - and answer all the questions you have regarding our process, costs and what you get for FREE.    
We will be talking about these benefits...
  • Nonprofit Training, Education and Professional Assistance NYCON empowers our members with the best practices, policies, and procedures as well as information on ever-changing regulations, funding, accountability and more. 
  • Cost Savings Solutions for Nonprofits NYCON leverages the purchasing power of thousands of nonprofits to bring you economies of scale on everything from Office Supplies to Fundraising Software.
  • The Nonprofit Voice in New York State NYCON represents our members on the local, state and national level, giving voice to small and medium sized nonprofits everywhere.
Find out how NYCON Membership will benefit you by attending this 1-hour session.

Complying with the Nonprofit Revitalization Act:  Practical Webinars for New York NonprofitsPresented by David Watson, Esq, Sr. VP of Legal Accountability Services, NYCON and Michael West, Esq., Legal Advisor, NYCON  Various Dates: February 2014 - June 2014 .Webinars are held from 11am to 12:30pm
New York State MapThe Nonprofit Revitalization Act is a landmark change in the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of the State of New York and will usher in a modern era for the operation and governance of nonprofit corporations starting July 1, 2014. As always, here at the New York Council of Nonprofits, Inc. (NYCON) your one-stop tool box and soap box we eagerly anticipated the updated statutes and have prepared a practical webinar series to address your immediate needs in the updating of your bylaws and governance materials. We encourage all of our Members to take advantage of these webinars.

Part 1: New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act Part- Steps To Compliance - An Overview A comprehensive overview of the Act to take place with a plenary Q/A portion to be held in February, April & June. This offering will provide you with an overview and a practical set of actions to take to amend your bylaws to meet the new standards of the Act. Dates: February 27thApril 24thJune 26th

Part 2:  New York Nonprofit Revitalization Act: Implementing YourCompliance Checklist - Whistleblower, Conflict of Interest, Committees & Executive Compensation: These webinars will be held In March and May will be a more detailed and focused on the various topics included in the Act that are new and have implications on Board governance in general and your operations specifically. Click here to register.
Dates: March 25th and May 20th   

Cost: FREE for current NYCON Nonprofit Members; $79 for Non-Members. All webinars are from 11:00am to 12:30pm.  

Your Spring "Check Up": Conducting a Governance Self-Assessment [Lunch & Learn Webinar]
Presented by Susan Weinrich, Vice President of Organizational Development Services, NYCON
March 28th, 2014   11:00am to 12:30pm EST

spring-time-clouds.jpgOrganizational assessments, in general, provide an overview of a nonprofit's status and capabilities with respect to successfully meeting current obligations and potential to more effectively and efficiently accomplish its mission. It is an evaluation of a nonprofit's condition or situation within a multi-faceted and continually evolving context.
Assessments can identify areas and provide recommendations where corrective actions, improvements or other changes are necessary and/or will yield the greatest benefit to the health and success of the nonprofit.
In this NYCON webinar our presenter will be focusing specifically on how to assess your organization's Governance structure and process to ensure compliance and to ensure that these mechanisms are delivering the maximum return on your staff and board members' investment of time and resources -- and ultimately making the most impact on your nonprofit's mission.

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