Thursday, February 6, 2014

Health Care Costs and Spending in New York State

New Report:
"Health Care Costs and Spending in New York State"

New York's health care spending overall and per capita are among the highest in the
 nation. The State's health care spending has accelerated over time and is projected
 to further increase in coming years, outpacing both inflation and overall economic

A new NYSHealth-funded chart book, "Health Care Costs and Spending in New
 York State," pulls together a compendium of information on health care costs, 
spending, and payments based on existing State and national research. Prepared by
 Health Management Associates, the slides in this online chart book synthesize a wide
 range of data into an easy-to-use resource that covers the impact of rising costs,
 drivers of spending growth, variations in spending, and the relationship between 
quality of care and spending. It illustrates trends over time, highlights regional variations
 within the State, and contrasts New York with the nation and other states. Readers 
are encouraged to download and use these slides in their own presentations.

Access the chart book.

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