Monday, February 18, 2013

Leatherstocking AEA RECAP Dec 12th: Presentation and Videos Now Available

Leatherstocking AEA RECAP Dec 12th

Program Recap: From Silo'd to Syncro'd: Merging Individual Program Messages & Marching Under Your Organizational Banner

Presentation now available! 

Special thank you to Tara Collins, Watershed Agricultural Council

Our presenter discussed how Nonprofits have different programs that tend to work independently of each other in reaching out to their respective audiences. She explains that often those programmatic messages aren't in line with an organization's overall message, goals and strategic plan
Special Videos:
Here are 3 videos from the presentation:
Additional program materials:

The South Central Executive Directors Group presents the new Economic Impact Brochure

The group is pleased to provide the completed Non-Profit Economic Impact Brochure that was created by Riger Advertising. This was a collaborative effort of all Nonprofits in the South Central region who provided information and funded support for the project

A special Thank You to those organizations who helped to fund this final stage of a multi-year project.

Recap and Webinar Recording Now Available!
Leatherstocking AEA Special Collaboration Webinar Program September 26th:
Collaborating and Maximizing Your Partnerships: Webinar Discussion  
Panel Discussion and Overview of Collaboration Database 
This program featured a discussion about programmatic collaboration. The discussion featured a special collaboration presentation and overview the nonprofit collaboration database, a new venture.  
Presenters included: 
  • Pat Rogers, Executive Director, Institute for Human Services  
  • Andrew Marietta, Regional Manager, NYCON  
  • Danielle Newell, Smithy Center for the Arts     
The Agenda from the Webinar was as follows: 
  • Introductions and an overview of agenda
  • Programmatic collaboration examples 
  • Discussion about STNED and IHS regarding the nonprofit collaboration database 
    • Discussion about the potential for this kind of idea for nonprofits
    • Ideas about possible next steps

Additional Documents from the Webinar:  

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