Monday, April 28, 2014

Take the Step to Delay the Nonprofit Revitalization

Taking the Necessary Steps to Delay the Nonprofit Revitalization Act 
What are you doing to the delay the date? 

NYCON continues its efforts to delay the Nonprofit Revitalization Act's effective date. Since our last E-newsletter regarding the Nonprofit Revitalization Act, we've made tremendous progress due to our members communicating to local elected officials, signing our petition, and providing us their testimonies.
To advance our position, NYCON will be meeting with the offices ofAssmeblymember James Brennanand Michael Ranzenhofer tomorrow Tuesday, April 29th

We will be outlining key reasons to both offices as to why the Act's effective date should be delayed from July 1st, 2014 to January 1st, 2015. We will also be bringing the petition and testimonies provided by our members regarding the Act.

To support our efforts tomorrow, we ask members to send a letter to
 We encourage you to either send your own letter or use our   NYCON letter as a template  to email/fax to their office.  

We have over 100 signatures on our petition, but we know there are still many more out there who have not yet, so please join our efforts by signing your name. Please remember that anyone can sign this petition, so please feel free to disperse this to staff, volunteers, consumers, or anyone who cares about the sustainability of your organization within the community. Please Sign Our Petition!

You can also join our cause by Sending Us Your Testimony.Help us express why the Act´s effective date should be delayed! If you have any questions about this or any other public policy issue, please feel free to our Program and Policy Associate, Amber Vanderwarker.
64 Days  
Left until the Nonprofit Revitalization Act Deadline 

NYCON's Memo of Revision:

Please read
to learn more about why NYCON is requesting to delay  the Act's effective Date.  

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