Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 Program Focus Announced

Leatherstocking AEA Planning Meeting 2012
Steering Committee January 25th

Members Present:
Dan Maskin, Opportunities for Otsego
Debra Marcus, Planned Parenthood Of South Central New York, Inc.
Gina Reeves, The Brookwood School
Liz Callahan, Hanford Mills Museum
Michael Wesolowski, Malignant Hyperthermia Association of the United States (MHAUS)

Program focus for 2012
Fund Development Assessment
o Look at big picture of fundraising operations
 Approach Mike Stein about presenting program
 April 18 or 25
 Oneonta

Creative Collaborations for Optimizing Resources
o Shared facility, space, staff and resources
 Offer panel discussion
• Possible panelists (Planned Parenthood, Hanford Mills Museum, Otsego Land Trust, United Way of Delaware and Otsego Counties)
 Build in networking opportunity for participants
• Share what needs are and what strengths are and can offer others
 June 13th program date in Oneonta

Programmatic Collaboration
o How to collaborate and maximize on partnerships
 Norwich Location
• SUNY Morrisville (Debra contact)
• September 19th possible date

From Silo'd to Syncro'd: Merging Individual Program Messages & Marching Under Your Organizational Banner
o Tara Collins, Watershed Agricultural Council
 Delhi Location (SUNY Delhi – Debra contact)
• November 14th confirmed

Otsego County Needs Assessment Report
o Presentation to Leatherstocking AEA
 Approach Megan Stanely
• Set date in March/April
o Are there other counties reports we can secure and provide to EDs

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