Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shake-up at Foothills: Miller to head board

by Denise Richardson of the Daily Star

Some characters and roles have changed as the Foothills Performing Arts and Civic Center enters the next scene of its play to survive.

Oneonta Mayor Dick Miller started a project in October to raise $1.25 million to finish the theater. But the effort highlighted concerns that meeting monthly operating expenses had to be the primary focus, he said Monday night, and as viable short- and long-term plans develop, funding to complete the theater will follow.

"We have to do both, this is a redirection of effort," Miller, who is interim Foothills board chairman, said. "We know what the task is ahead." Miller said he continues to focus on a small group to support Foothills and its theater complex on Market Street in Oneonta.

Current cash shortfalls may require that Foothills curtail operations during the first quarter of 2011, a media release issued Monday said. However, scheduled activities in the first few months of the New Year will take place, officials said, and bookings of theater groups, concerts, civic events, and weddings extend into 2013.

Miller said as mayor he would convene a summit of all visual arts, music and theatre organizations and venues in January. "Oneonta has much to offer the region," he said, "and we need to come together along with the business community to market our activities more effectively."

Meanwhile, seven new members have been named to the Foothills board of directors and committee assignments have been adjusted, Miller said in discussing the media release.

The new board members are Cailin George, Bassett Healthcare; Carol Blazina, former vice president of public affairs at SUNY Oneonta; Armand Nardi, publisher of The Daily Star; Rob Robinson, president and chief executive officer of the Otsego County Chamber; Robert Hanft, a retired JP Morgan executive on Hartwick College, Pathfinder Village and Otsego County Industrial Development Agency boards; Rick Weinberg, local businessman; and Miller.

"Having so many new and well-qualified directors to work with as colleagues, energizes all of us who have been involved with Foothills for more than a decade," Drogen said in the release. "We will be able to focus our energies on the most critical issues _ program development, financial stability, facility completion and fundraising."

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