Thursday, October 21, 2010

ED and Board Working Together: Watch Video of the Panel Discussion

Missed the Leatherstocking AEA October 20th Program? Watch the panel discussion on the ED and the Board Working Together.

Here's more video from the panel on NYCON's YouTube Channel.

Panel includes 5 nonprofits:
Opportunities for Otsego: Dan Maskin, ED and Dr. Alan Donovan, Board President
Chenango Health Network: Tina Utley Edwards, ED and Debra Marcus, Board President
Roxbury Arts Group: Susan Kenny, ED and Michael Mathis, Board President
Cooperstown Art Association: Janet Erway, ED and Cheryl Wright, Board President
MARK Project: Peg Ellsworth, ED and Brian Mulder, Board President

The discussion addressed the following:

The ED’s Perspective
1. How much involvement should Board members have in daily activities?
2. What is / how do you define the relationship between the Board and the ED?
3. How do you continue to reinforce the mission and the focus of the board?
4. What is the ED’s responsibility for Board development?

The Board President's perspective:
1. What is the Board President’s responsibility for a contract and what is the subsequent evaluation process by the Executive Director?
2. What is the role of the Board President in assigning Board committee tasks and following through?
3. What is the role of the Board President in recruiting new members and orienting them?
4. What is the role of the Board President in Fundraising?