Thursday, June 24, 2010

Route 20 Road Challenge

June 26 Yellow Brick Run

July 8 Madison County Fair Run

July 17 2nd Annual 5K race fro Child/RUN!

July 18 Millers Mills Sundae Run

August 7 Mad.Co. W 5K run

August 14 Ruth Allen Memorial 4 Mile

September 18 Mary Cleary Memorial Run

September 18 Land Arboretum 5K

September 25 Madison Hall 5K

September 25 West Winfield CROP Run

October 2 CNS 5K

October 9 Maine Event 5K/10K

Eaton 5K Run

October 23 6th Annual DACC 5k Run

The Route 20 Association of New York State, stewards of the Route 20 Scenic Byway, has announced a series of run/walk events that are part of the 2010 Route 20 Road Challenge.
Currently, there are 17 events scheduled as the number of events continues to grow.
"This year," said Route 20 Administrator John D. Sagendorf, "those who complete 8 of the 17 events will win a black, hooded sweatshirt, embroidered with the Route 20 Road Challenge logo. The challenge is a great way to really enjoy New York's Route 20 and its corridor communities."

Race director contacts, dates and more information about these and other Road Challenge events are available at or by emailing, or calling 518-817-3770.

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